Hillary Clinton in cartoons

Hillary Clinton

Last week, I looked at how Donald Trump‘s been portrayed in comics and animation. This week, I’ll look at depictions of the main other 2016 presidential election front-runner, Hillary Clinton. DC Comics Hillary along with Bill appeared in the DCU during the “Death of Superman” storyline. The Clintons appeared at the Man of Steel’s funeral as … Read moreHillary Clinton in cartoons

Same-sex weddings in cartoons

Clay Walker and Kevin Keller's wedding

I thought it’d be worth looking at some memorable same-sex cartoon weddings. Unsurprisingly, there’s more examples from comics than in animation, given American animation’s checkered/often-dated portrayals of LGBT people. Kevin Keller The adult version of new Archie character Kevin Keller‘s been seen in ongoing series “Life With Archie.” In both alternate futures of this series, … Read moreSame-sex weddings in cartoons