My choice of video services (winter 2015-2016)

32" Vizio TV set

There’s been a lot of talk about “cord cutting,” or cancelling cable TV services. Less spoken about is “cord shaving,” or just cutting back on cable TV services to cheaper packages. For any cord cutters/shavers, streaming video becomes much more important. I’ve made a few changes to my own cable TV and streaming video services recently. … Read more

Anthony’s 10 favorite Roku channels

Roku Streaming Stick

I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of the Roku Streaming Stick I bought a few months ago. It’s completely replaced my Xbox 360 for streaming purposes. Also, since the Roku‘s platform neutral (versus Amazon, Google, and Apple’s devices), it supports an extremely large number of streaming “channels.” Admittedly a lot of them are useless for me; … Read more

Streaming video to my devices: Plex, Roku Streaming Stick, and my Mac

Roku Streaming Stick

For several years, I’ve used my Xbox 360 as a way to stream video from my computer (via DLNA server software) to my TV. Unfortunately, the Xbox is rather finicky: when streaming works, it works fine, but it’d occasionally stop working for no discernible reason or refuse to play certain videos. I suspect it’s the … Read more