Apple announces new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 4-inch iPhone SE

iPhone SE

On Monday, an Apple keynote too place, where CEO Tim Cook and some other Apple staffers announced some new Apple product news. My thoughts on everything Apple announced follows below. Apple vs the FBI Tim Cook kicked things off early on by commenting on Apple’s valuing encryption. This tied into Apple’s recent ongoing standoff with the FBI over whether … Read more

Apple announces the iPad Pro, product upgrades

Apple Watch

On Wednesday, Apple made several major product announcements at a press conference. The most noteworthy announcement is the new iPad Pro. I’ve given my two cents on each major new announcement below. A summary of everything is available at TechCrunch. Apple Watch A few incremental upgrades were announced, including some new watch bands, colors, and … Read more

Apple announces new iPads, a new Mac Mini model, and OS X Yosemite

OS X Yosemite

Last Thursday, Apple made several announcements at a press conference about its new tablet and desktop offerings. My thoughts on the more noteworthy offerings follow. iPads The iPad Air 2 is an upgrade over the previous model, which is still being offered as the plain iPad Air for $100 less. Apple’s also announced the iPad Mini 3, replacing … Read more

This week’s Apple news: the iPad Air and free OS X Mavericks

MacBook Air on a table

This week, Apple announced and/or released several new pieces of hardware and software. While there’s nothing earth-shaking, it does consist of items of interest to most Apple users. OS X Mavericks (10.9) The newest version of OS X, “Mavericks,” was released on Tuesday, with the surprise news that it’s A) a free upgrade for all … Read more

A new MacBook for “FoxTrot,” plus a history of Apple tech in the strip

MacBook Air on a table

Bill Amend’s comic strip “FoxTrot,” as part of keeping up with evolving technology (and the nature of the strip’s sliding timeline), usually shows the Fox family upgrading their computer every several years or so. Being a Mac fan, Amend also shows the Fox family always using a Mac, or in newer strips, an “iFruit.” An … Read more