Millennials, some Gen Xers prefer online news sources over TV

CNN building

A recent study by Reuters shows that there’s a split along generational lines for how news is obtained. Reuters’ survey reports that those over the age of 55, or Baby Boomers, still prefer getting most of their news from TV over online sources. The same goes for those between 45 and 54, though to a lesser degree. … Read more

Delaware the US state with the fastest broadband

Chromebook in education

A study by Akamai reports that the US states with the fastest broadband rates aren’t the most populated ones such as California or New York. It’s not even Washington State, where I live. Instead, it’s a few surprising states: Delaware, followed by Rhode Island. Delaware has an average speed of 20.4 Mbps, while Rhode Island … Read more

The Internet’s now surpassed radio for music discovery in the US

Transistor radio

In the United States, the Internet is now the dominant way of discovering new music, finally topping the decades-old mainstay, radio. That’s according to a survey by Edison Research, showing that as of this year, Internet users discovering new music finally outnumber radio users, 44% to 32%. An infographic from Statista is below: Of interest is that … Read more

Net neutrality wins: the FCC’s regulating the Internet as a utility


Wins for net neutrality and saner regulation policies came on Thursday from the FCC. Along a party-line 3-2 vote, the US communications regulator has voted to reclassify the Internet as a utility, just like telephone service or electricity. I’ve written earlier about all of this, but this is a good thing for everyone that isn’t Comcast (or similar … Read more

Facebook and free email?

MacBook Air on a table

On Monday, social networking site Facebook plans to announce some “surprising” new development. Various leaks and sources online, however, strongly suggest it’s going to be Facebook offering its own email service, just like Google’s Gmail. While Facebook offering email will surely be useful for some of Facebook’s users, I don’t see it as a “Gmail … Read more