Anthony’s Xubuntu Linux 14.04 post-installation guide

Screenshot of Xubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS

(Update, 12/7/16: I have a newer version of this guide for Xubuntu Linux 16.04.) I haven’t written one of these post-installation guides in awhile, but I’ve decided to do so after moving my old HP laptop from Linux Mint to Xubuntu 14.04. Below is my guide offering tips on what to do after installing Xubuntu. (For other … Read more

My recommended Android apps guide (Fall 2015)

Android apps

I last wrote about what Android apps I regularly use back in the spring of 2013, when I first bought my now-in-need-of-replacing Nexus 4 smartphone. Since that’s forever ago in smartphone terms, I thought it was time for an updated Android apps guide, highlighting my favorite apps. Productivity Google Docs and Sheets: Google Drive’s web … Read more

Anthony’s Chromebook setup guide

Chromebook screenshot with default fox wallpaper

I’ve been a Chromebook user for about a year now. So far, the platform’s been a benefit for my casual computer usage. Additionally, Chrome OS devices have started to become popular in places such as schools. Of course, there’s no absolute need for a guide, given the easy to use nature of Chrome OS. Anyone should be … Read more

Anthony’s Linux Mint 17 Xfce post-installation guide

Linux Mint 17 desktop

Linux Mint 17 Xfce has finally been released, and with it comes the latest version of my post-installation guide.  If wondering, I’m restricting these guides to LTS (long-term service) releases from now on, since the non-LTS releases only offer support for a short period of time. Linux Mint 17 (“Qiana”) will be supported until 2019. For … Read more

Smashwords profile now active, plus my first ebook for sale

MacBook Air on a table

As the subject line says, I’ve decided to set up a Smashwords profile. Smashwords is a site that allows one to self-publish ebooks on pretty much any topic. Options include selling the books, offering them for free, or allowing buyers to set their own price. Smashwords will also distribute books to major ebook vendors such … Read more