Can Chrome (and a Chromebook) fill in for my usual computing tasks?


Lately, I’ve been reading (and writing) about Chromebooks, the simplified laptops backed by Google’s Chrome OS that basically use the Chrome browser (and Linux) as the operating system. Besides the allure of a new gadget, I’m also interested in a laptop that’d be less heavy to carry around than my two-year-old Linux Mint-running HP laptop, which … Read more

Alternatives to Microsoft Office: LibreOffice and Google Docs

LibreOffice Writer

Like everyone else, I’ve used Microsoft Office at jobs for years, as the ubiquitous and dominant word processor in the business world. However, it can’t hurt to look at alternatives to Microsoft’s software, especially if they’re free. Thus, here’s a look at two of the most popular free office suites nowadays, LibreOffice and Google Docs (also … Read more