Two months with the Chromebook

Chromebook with Supergirl wallpaper

It’s actually slightly over two months with my Chromebook (as of late September), but thought I’d chime in anyway. My Chromebook’s still working well, serving its goal of a lightweight laptop to carry around. It also has the advantage of letting me sit on my couch as needed; it’s more comfortable than sitting at a … Read more

Chrome OS finally receives its first four Android apps

Chromebook with Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Chrome OS’ web-based orientation means its apps are either just bookmarks to websites or actual stand-alone programs. Meanwhile, Android’s much longer history and smartphone dominance means there’s a vast number of apps available. Thus, Google’s promised to bring integration between the two operating systems, which should make Chrome OS more appealing. Last week, Google finally made … Read more

Evernote (and Nevernote for Linux)

MacBook Air on a table

Yesterday, I signed up for the cloud-based notekeeping service Evernote ( I wanted an improved notekeeping system that’d be compatible with my Palm Pre (and the future Android phone I plan to replace it with in a few months) and my Xubuntu Linux-running laptop. Until now, I’ve been using Tomboy (a Linux notekeeping program) on … Read more