Reorganizing the blog’s categories (again)

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Last updated on June 14th, 2022

A year ago, I gave the blog’s categories its first major reorganization since I started up the self-hosted version of the blog in 2010.

Since then, however, a few more things have changed, and I thought it was time to organize the categories further. You’ll see I reduced the number of categories back to (basically) what they were before. I didn’t really have enough posts in the “TV,” “Other Media,” and “Movies” categories to justify their existence, so they’ve been re-merged back into one “Media” category, with the TV/movie categories turned into tags. (The fact I stopped writing my weekly box office posts also reduced the point of a movies category.)

For comics, I’ve kept the idea of subcategories, given the sheer number of posts. However, they’ve been reorganized into: “DC Comics,” “Marvel,” “Independent,” “Comic Strips,” and “Comics News/Trivia.” The “Independent” category basically includes all non-Big Two related companies. “Comics News/Trivia” I admit is still a bit vague, as there’ll be some overlap with the individual companies’ subcategories. But it’ll hold the posts related to covering comics news aspects like monthly sales figures, as well as some trivia posts that cover multiple comic categories/subcategories.

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