Minorities in comics and animation: Jonesy Garcia (“6Teen”)

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Last updated on March 19th, 2023

Decided to finish up the “6Teen” series, so on the heels of my posts about Wyatt and (last week) Nikki, here’s one for Jonesy Garcia.


Jonesy Garcia of "6Teen"
Jonesy Garcia of “6Teen.” (Teletoon)

Jonesy’s personality is the polar opposite of his friend Wyatt’s. Jonesy’s usually shown as being an egoistical guy with a penchant for hitting on any woman he meets. This applies even one of the series’ minor supporting characters, an adult woman with a bratty six-year-old. Despite this, Jonsey has an on-again, off-again relationship (though largely “on” by the end of the series) with Nikki.

Along with the above, Jonesy’s main other flaw is his strong sense of irresponsibility. This leads to one of the series’ running gags. Jonesy gets, and gets fired from, a new job in every episode. One of the funniest firings happens in the episode “The Girls in the Band.” There, Jonesy (reluctantly) takes a job in a walkabout panda costume:

Caitlin: Can I borrow your costume tomorrow? I don’t think I can show my face around here for awhile.

Jonesy: Wish I could, but I got fired for being a bad role model for kids. Go figure.

Jonesy being put in embarrassing situations is another popular running gag. Jonesy stripped pantsless seems popular. These often come as some sort of ironic payback for his behavior.

One episode sees the gang meet oddly-similar doppelgangers of themselves. Jonesy’s counterpart is the similar-looking “Smithy,” who also repeatedly gets fired. This prompts Jonesy makes fun of Smithy’s generic-sounding name. In turn, the gang make fun of Jonesy’s similarly-generic name.

(Unrelated to “6Teen,” but Bullwinkle had a funny segment involving the words “Jonesy” and “Smithy” in the “Bullwinkle’s Corner” segment “The Village Blacksmith.”)

Despite the above faults, Jonesy does show his good side on occasion, such as in the winter special “Snow Job.”

A subplot in the series involved Jonesy’s father dating (and eventually marrying) his friend Jen’s mother, making the two step-siblings.

Jonesy also has two younger siblings occasionally seen, Diego and Robbie. Robbie is a grade schooler who’s an out-of-control brat. Diego is pretty much a junior-high version of Jonesy. All three siblings seem to enjoy pulling pranks on Jen (and her adult sister, Courtney).

Voice actor

Terry McGurrin, a Canadian actor/writer, voices Jonesy.

The Quebec French dub of the series changes Jonesy’s name to “Costa Rica.” No, I don’t know why they called him that, either.

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