Minorities in cartoons: Jacques Foccart (Invisible Kid)

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Jacques Foccart, a DC Comics superhero and the second Invisible Kid. A member of the 30th/31st century superhero team the Legion of Super-Heroes, Jacques first appeared in 1982’s “Legion of Super-Heroes Annual” #1. Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen created Jacques.


Jacques hails from the Ivory Coast. His origin is tied to his sister, Danielle. In order to save her from being mind-controlled by Computo, Jacques drank the invisibility serum of the deceased original Invisible Kid. Gaining various invisibility powers, Jacques managed to help save his sister. He was soon voted in as a member of the Legion. Invisible Kid served as a part of the Legion’s “Espionage Squad.”

The “Great Darkness Saga” storyline saw Invisible Kid’s hair permanently turn partially white, as a result of seeing the face of the resurrected supervillain Darkseid.

Invisible Kid had for awhile the ability to teleport people. However, after it led to the accidental death of a villain, Jacques had the ability scientifically removed.

During the “Five Years Later” period of the late 80s and early 90s, Jacques became the president of Earth; Tyroc served as his vice president. Unfortunately, the Earth blew up sometime into Jacques’ term. After reforming and managing the surviving Earth cities for awhile, Jacques resigned his office to re-join the Legion.

After the 1994 “Zero Hour” reboot, Jacques stayed as a part of the new continuity, with some backstory and origin revisions.

Following the “Infinite Crisis” miniseries, the original version of the Legion came back into continuity. This included the original Jacques. However, this version stuck close to the late pre-Crisis incarnation, and thus left out the “Five Years Later” incidents above.

Other media

Invisible Kid’s first media appearance was in the 2000s “Legion of Super-Heroes” animated series. However, he was just a non-speaking character.

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