Minorities in cartoons: Alejandro (“Total Drama”)

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Alejandro, a character on Teletoon’s “Total Drama” series.

“Total Drama World Tour”

Alejandro (full name: Alejandro Burromuerto) is introduced along with a few other new contestants during the series’ third season, “Total Drama World Tour.” “World Tour” features a giant race around the world (parodying “The Amazing Race”), for a prize of $1 million (Canadian dollars, since the show in-universe is set in Canada).

Keeping with the other contestants on the show, Alejandro embodies reality show contestant stereotypes. In his case, Alejandro’s a mix of “Latin lover” aspects and being the show’s newest villain. This leads to his usurping and competing with the series’ previous main nemesis, Heather. Alejandro relies on his charm and backstabbing tactics to eliminate various contestants, without arousing their suspicions until it’s too late.

Eventually, Alejandro and Heather become the final remaining contestants of the season. Keeping with “Total Drama”‘s tradition, two separate endings were made, one where each finalist was the winner. It was left up to the broadcaster in each country the show aired in to decide the winner. In the United States, Heather is the winner, while Alejandro is the winner in Canada.

Either way, the season ends with Alejandro suffering severe injuries, forcing him to be encased inside a creaky robot (a la “RoboCop”) to survive.

“Total Drama All-Stars”

The next season’s “Total Drama All-Stars” sees Alejandro return, now fully recovered. However, he initially fools the others into thinking he’s still recovering from his injuries.

Unlike the previous season, things start to backfire for Alejandro, thanks to a mix of: the other contestants soon distrusting him; the efforts of Heather; and the efforts of “Mal,” the evil personality of new contestant Mike. Alejandro discovers Mal’s extreme evil nature, and tries to warn the other contestants, but still ends up getting eliminated. However, Alejandro’s warnings do play into the season’s finale.

Voice actor

Alejandro is voiced by Marco Grazzini. Grazzini’s a Canadian actor who’s probably best known to American viewers as the villain “Tar Pit” on the CW’s “The Flash.”

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