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Latest blog revisions (old blog’s posts added)

Updated on June 14, 2022

Just dropping a note if anyone’s wondering why the blog’s been in a state of flux the past day or so: I’ve now fully folded my old blog (“Anthony’s Annotations”) into this one, which involved weeding out some older posts that don’t fit my current needs (some political posts, references to long-obsolete then-upcoming events, etc.). I also had to deal with the earliest posts not having any tags or categories. I also think I’ve encountered a possible fault with WordPress: it doesn’t seem to have a good means of bulk-editing categories (particularly a way to bulk-*delete* categories, not just bulk-add them). (And no, I couldn’t find an appropriate updated plugin to use, either.)

So enjoy the added posts as a trip down memory lane, and see what led me to become the blogger I am today…

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