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Updated on December 10, 2021

As the subject line says, I’m trying out Pinterest and Tumblr. My motivations for such are an interest in trying out a few new social media networks, staying current on popular online services, and seeing if it’ll help publicize my blog better.

For Pinterest, I’ve been told a lot of bloggers have used it, but wasn’t sure if I’d find it useful, since it seems more popular for arts and crafts related bloggers. Still, several presenters I’ve heard speak at WordPress meetups have said they’ve found Pinterest quite helpful for promoting their websites.

As for Tumblr, I’d also not considered it since I already had a blog, and on more robust platforms (Blogspot, WordPress) at that. I’m also not too fond of animated GIFs. However, it does seem to have social media benefits.

A benefit for signing up for both services is gaining full access to their features. Pinterest is generally blocked without registering or signing in, which kept me from seeing some photos I’ve seen linked to elsewhere online, or found via a web search. That’s not the case for Tumblr, but some of its services are rather tied to Tumblr itself; sharing posts to Facebook, Twitter, etc. isn’t a default feature.

Both services are also fairly popular, and aren’t “curating” things for its users. Facebook’s really hampered its fan pages, only allowing some of what’s posted to be seen by subscribers, unless one pays to “boost” a post. Google+ is constantly berated as a “ghost town”; while untrue—it does have thriving communities forums—and while Google+ does help with publicizing blog material, a reputation as being “unpopular” doesn’t help it in the long run.

Here’s my Tumblr and Pinterest pages, if you want to follow them, or tell me what I’m doing wrong as a new user:

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