Halloween specials: The Simpsons (“Treehouse of Horror I”)

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Updated on October 8, 2022

“The Simpsons”‘s “Treehouse of Horror” annual Halloween episodes are often the season’s most anticipated episode. Like the show itself, the “Horror” series’ high points were in the 90s seasons. My favorite Halloween episodes were the original one and “Treehouse of Horror IV” (for “Bart Simpson’s Dracula”). The first Halloween special aired in 1990 during season two.


The first “Horror” features the kids in their treehouse, with Bart and Lisa trying to tell each other scary stories, which (being Bart and Lisa) don’t scare each other… but do scare Homer (eavesdropping below).

The segments in this one include:

“Bad Dream House”

The family moves into an inexpensive-yet-glamorous-looking older house. Unfortunately, the house turns out to be possessed.

Best parts: the vortex (“Oooh, a vortex!”); Homer explaining why they shouldn’t move out; the house playing mind-games with even Maggie; Marge and Bart arguing with the house; and of course, the ending (“life with the Simpsons…what choice do I have?”).

“Hungry are the Damned”

The Simpsons get abducted into space by aliens Kang and Kodos (making their series debut).

Best parts: Homer using excessive lighter fluid on the grill; Homer’s reaction to the flying saucer; Bart asking the aliens if they get HBO as part of their “one million channels from the furthest reaches of the galaxy” (“no, that would cost extra…”); Homer noting Marge and he played Pong “before they were married”; the ending (with the family chewing out Lisa).

“The Raven”

Based on the classic Edgar Allen Poe story, Homer deals with a raven in his study (one guess who the annoying bird resembles). Narration was provided by James Earl Jones.

On video

The “Treehouse of Horror” episodes usually air in syndication during October. However, since this one’s an early episode, it might not air as often as the latter entries.

The episode’s included as part of the Season Two DVD box set. It’s also available on the Disney+ streaming service.

Image by Moon Wolf Braga from Pixabay

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