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Last updated on February 10th, 2022

As of this writing, Valentine’s Day is coming up in a few days. I thought I’d list some of my favorite romance-themed stories in comics.

“Action Comics” #484 (June 1978)

Action Comics #484
“Action Comics” #484 (June 1978). Art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. (DC Comics)

The wedding of the Earth-2 versions of Clark Kent and Lois Lane was an enjoyable issue. It also gave us something that was by that point long overdue for these characters… even if it was the Golden Age (versus then-modern) versions of Lois and Clark.

The happy couple later got their own ongoing series of backups in the anthology title “Superman Family,” titled “Mr. and Mrs. Superman.”

“Superman Family” #211 (October 1981)

For those disappointed by the much-hyped, bait-and-switch non-wedding of Batman and Catwoman in 2018, there’s always “Superman Family” #211. From 1981, this issue’s “Mr. and Mrs. Superman” story featured the wedding of the Earth-2 versions of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Said story, “The Kill Kent Contract,” was premised on another bit of Golden Age comics lore. Of course, the newlyweds would later (chronologically) become the parents of Helena Wayne, aka the Huntress.

The Helena Wayne Huntress blog delved deeply into this story.

“The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl” (vol. 2) #8 (July 2016)

Despite being the “unbeatable” Squirrel Girl, one particularly tough challenge Doreen Green’s had is in the world of dating. In this issue, Doreen’s friends try to set her up on a series of dates, via creative online dating profiles.

The profiles themselves are hilarious, and apparently the high point of the dating efforts—all of her dates were, well, quite flawed.


No specific issue, but the series as a whole prominently features Mal and Molly as a couple.

Mal’s interested in music (she plays such back home); she also has a fear/dislike of water. Molly has excellent archery skills and wears a raccoon hat; said hat’s an actual pet raccoon named Bubbles. Unlike her friends, Molly’s relationship with her family’s not the strongest (apparently due to her sexuality).

“The Backstagers”

The Backstagers Valentine Day special
“The Backstagers: Valentine’s Intermission.” Art by Rian Sygh. (Boom! Studios)

“The Backstagers” is a series that’s something of a male counterpart of “Lumberjanes.” As such, these comics prominently feature same-sex romance, most prominently between Jory and Hunter.

Jory’s the newest member of the stagehand group (and their school); through him, we learn of the odd supernatural goings-on backstage. Hunter meanwhile is a heavy-set flirtatious youth, who serves as the group’s carpenter. Both boys take a liking to each other pretty early on in the series.

“Life With Archie” #16 (February 2012)

“Life With Archie” #16 centered around the wedding of the adult version of Kevin Keller to Clay Walker, a character introduced in the series. Clay’s a doctor who helped manage Kevin’s recovery efforts, after Kevin suffered an injury in a military battle.

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