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Updated on December 10, 2021

Several years ago, I wrote about some of my favorite animation and comics blogs and websites. However, since then, various things have changed, both for the Internet and my own tastes. Thus, here’s seven of my current favorite blogs and websites about cartoons.

Animation Scoop


Animation Scoop covers animation industry news. This includes announcements of upcoming TV shows and films, as well as interviews with various animation producers.



Comichron is one of the main blogs online covering comics sales figures. This includes historical sales data, reordered comics, and a monthly roundup of the top-selling comics and graphic novels. I make use of this site when writing about comic sales figures.

Comics Worth Reading


Comics Worth Reading is run by Johanna Draper Carlson. The blog focuses on various comic topics (diversity, comics-related TV shows and movies, etc.), as well as reviews of such material. There’s also posts covering anime and manga.

DC Women Kicking Ass


DCWKA is a Tumblr blog with a focus on female characters in comics, plus the treatment of women in comics in general. Despite the blog’s name, it does cover other companies’ characters as well.

Gay League


Gay League is a blog about LGBTQ-related comic news. It also has a regular feature offering biographies on various LGBTQ characters, ranging from Kevin Keller to John Constantine.

News From Me


News From Me is the blog of Mark Evanier, a longtime animation and comics writer. Evanier uses his blog to discuss various comics, animation, or news issues. Evanier also occasionally looks back over aspects of his career, or discuss people he’s met in the entertainment industry.

Women Write About Comics

WWAC website

Women Write About Comics is a blog covering the comics industry, including the usual reviews, news, etc. All of the blog’s writers are women or non-binary.

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