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I’ve set up curated tech and media resources pages

Updated on June 14, 2022

For those interested in the latest things I’m technologically doing with the blog, you’ll be pleased to hear I’ve set up a pair of resource pages, which’re now live. Both pages are a curated set of my favorite, most popular, or most useful blog posts. One page focuses on technology, the other on comics, animation, and other media.

I got the inspiration from reading (on Copyblogger and elsewhere) about “cornerstone content” for blogs/websites. The articles argued for the usefulness of having a set of one’s most useful or popular blog posts to reference. I write some roundup posts every so often, as well as post a rotating group of “Featured Posts” in the sidebar. However, having a dedicated page curating posts that won’t get lost in a continuously updated blog feed might be useful.

Here are the pages. They’re also available through the navigation menu bar above under the “Features” tab.

If you have any comments or input, let me know in the comments.

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