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Last updated on June 14th, 2022

On the heels of previous blog revisions, I’m considering another major blog change: starting a second blog (again). Yes, I did it once before, but it didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped at the time, and I soon consolidated the two.

This time, however, I’m thinking of two blogs, one dedicated to technology (including Linux and smartphones), the other devoted to media (comics, animation, my writing efforts, etc.). Looking over the categories, about a fifth of the blog posts to date are tech-related; while I admit the tech side isn’t as frequently updated, I do like writing about tech. I’m just not sure if it’s as well served mixing it with posts about Superman or Easter cartoon specials.

Reading over how to set up Multisite in WordPress, I see it’s not just a one-click process, though shouldn’t be too hard to set up. The main issue would be the old blog’s permalinks—having “/blog/” stuck in the URL (as some articles about Multisite set up suggests it’ll do) isn’t something I’m keen on, though there might be a way to fix such. Nor big on seeing site links for existing articles broken yet again, like when the original “Anthony’s Annotations” blog got moved from Blogger to, then folded into this site. (I’m looking for subdirectories, not subdomains, if wondering.)

Thus, I figure I have one of several options:

  1. Create two new blogs, one for tech, one for media, and stop posting to the original blog. A fresh start, though would link back to the original blog’s old posts as needed. It’d also avoid breaking any existing permalinks. Might be awkward keeping the “old” blog up indefinitely though.
  2. Similar to #1, but move all the old blog’s posts to the new blogs and delete the old blog. Would give the new blogs “history” more naturally and require only keeping up two blogs, but would break all the existing permalinks.
  3. Create one new blog (for technology likely) while turning the original blog into the other category (probably media). Again, it’d keep me down to only two blogs kept up, though it’d mean breaking half the existing permalinks (moving the old tech posts to the new blog).
  4. Keep the status quo… everything as-is, mixed on just one blog.

Anyone with any input on this? Would you like to see two blogs here, or are you OK with the mix of topics?

Update (5/2/12): Instead of such a big overhaul undertaking, I’ve decided instead to revise the site’s navigation menubar, putting the categories as direct links instead of as a drop-down menu. I’ve also consolidated/pared down the number of categories from a dozen(!) to five. Will probably make a few other minor revisions (such as a new header graphic) later, as well. Let me know how it works!

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