Chrome will be supported for Windows XP until the end of 2015

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Google’s announced it plans to support the Chrome web browser for Windows XP until the end of 2015:

Google to support Chrome for Windows XP until the end of 2015.

Good news for the people who’re stuck using Windows XP computers, despite Microsoft having ended support for the operating system. Post-2015, the Engadget article notes Firefox plans to support XP for the indefinite future, and Google may decide to stretch out support.

Of course, the real solution should be for those still using Windows XP to either pony up and upgrade to a more modern, supported operating system, or consider switching to Linux. (See my post on switching operating systems.) I suspect many individuals and companies are waiting for Windows 10 to be released later this year before upgrading. Not surprising, given Windows 8’s low popularity and Windows 10 promising to be vastly improved; a Start Menu’s back, for starters.

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