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Christmas specials: 6Teen’s “Deck the Mall”

Updated on December 10, 2021

“6Teen” is an animated series produced by Nelvana Studios about the misadventures of a group of teenaged friends at a Mall of America-like gigantic shopping mall. The series was produced through the mid-to-late 2000s. It aired on Canada’s Teletoon cable network. In the US, it aired on Nickelodeon (very briefly) and Cartoon Network (also briefly, though longer than Nick).


The show’s first season featured the episode “Deck the Mall,” which sees the gang forced to work at the mall during the most trying time of the year for retail workers, Christmas. Perpetually-cheerful Caitlin tries to get the rest of the gang into the holiday spirit, despite Wyatt noting that working at the mall’s stomped said spirit out of him.

Jen meanwhile grows annoyed at having to cater to Jonesy‘s family’s needs (since the two’s parents are dating). Meanwhile, Jonesy, per the show’s running gag, gets fired from yet another job (as an elf at a Santa’s village). An attempt by the gang to go to the movies winds up making things even worse.

Of course, being a Christmas special, things work out in the end. However, being a Canadian Christmas special, it also points out what happens at a retail environment on the day after Christmas…to the gang’s consternation, but one of the episode’s funniest lines.

This was of the series’ funniest episodes. Favorite lines/scenes of mine:

Jude: Do you think this is a good gift?
Nikki: Well, it depends on whether the recipient is someone who’d rather be a fashion sheep or an individual.
Jude: It’s for Caitlin.
Nikki: It’s perfect.

Nikki: “I can’t believe we’re watching ‘Torque 2: More Torque’!” (the choice of “movie” the gang chose via drawing straws)

(After realizing they left their presents at a food court table before going to the movie)
Caitlin: What do you think the chances are they’re still there?
Nikki: I’d say “slim to none,” and “slim” just left town.

(Caitlin sobbing about wearing herself out buying the gang “their stupid gifts)
Jen: You said it was a breeze.
Caitlin: (Sobbing) I lied!

(After the gang remembers too late what holiday December 26 is/involves, per an impending off-screen stampede of mall customers) Ewww! BOXING DAY!

Thanks to being an animated sitcom with non-aging characters, a few subsequent Christmas episodes aired, though with different plotlines.

On TV/home video

“6Teen” seems to be largely off North American TV.

“Deck the Mall” is available on DVD, both as a single-disc release and as part of a first season set.

The entire series is (as of this writing) available on Netflix.

(Updated 12/1/16)

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