C2E2 on March 18-20 this year, plus guest artists and… speed dating?

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

C2E2 logo (square)The second annual C2E2 (Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo) is being held this year on the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day, March 18-20, at McCormick Place in Chicago. I attended C2E2 last year, and enjoyed my experience at my first big comic convention. I also plan on being back again this year.

So far, C2E2’s producers have announced some attractions:

  • Guest artists / Artist Alley: A long list of artists. Art Baltazar and Franco of “Tiny Titans” fame will be there, along with Dan Parent of Archie Comics fame.
  • Entertainment Guests: Said “guests” are the cast of some cable TV reality show I’ve never seen before called “Ghost Hunters.” As realistic as the people dressed as the Flash, I’m sure. Speaking of speedy supers…
  • Speed Dating: The popular dating gimmick is now at this year’s show. Pre-registration is required (by January 20), and yes, it’s open to same-sex dating as well. And no, I’m not signing up, but thanks for asking.

Will have more updates, including panels/booths of interest and so forth, when they become available. I hope any of last year’s kinks have been worked out for this year’s show, as well (slightly clearer signage pointing to the C2E2-hosting portion of McCormick Place might be nice for first-timers to the convention center).

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