Blog status update (November 2019): Pinterest and Patreon return

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Here are the latest updates to my blog since I last wrote about such back in September.

Pinterest is back; Instagram is gone

Once again, I’m trying to give Pinterest another go, after letting my page lie unused. I figured I had room to bring it back. Also, the Pinterest page still gets some amount of site traffic, unlike repeated attempts to make my LinkedIn profile pay off.

I’ve also ditched the Instagram link from the sidebar. I figured it wouldn’t be missed, between my infrequently taking photos, a low source of site traffic, and (biggest of all) Facebook’s ongoing antics. Plus, I can post the photos I do take to Twitter, Mastodon, and/or PixelFed.

Giving Patreon another go


I initially tried Patreon several years ago. After some time, it didn’t seem like it was paying off (with only a few people interested), so I gave up and deleted my page. I suppose I also had doubts about asking people I know (including followers online, etc.) for money, or whether I was offering enough to justify an ongoing subscription.

Recently, however, I’ve decided to give such fundraising another go. Awhile ago, I started up a Ko-fi page as an online “tip jar” for one-time donations. While Ko-fi’s nice, I figured it’s not as well known or established as Patreon. (It’s also tied to PayPal, which some people dislike.) Thus, I thought I’d try Patreon again, only this time with a few changes from before.

The biggest change is I’ve set up just a single donation tier (at $2/month). Seeing as I don’t have much to offer in terms of rewards, it seemed better to try that for now. That said, if things change, I’d be open to considering multiple tiers/some sort of rewards.

Despite using the name “tip jar” for my single Patreon tier, I’m also keeping the Ko-fi page around, as a means for one-time donations. And yes, the blog itself will remain free.

The new Patreon page is here:

If you have any suggestions or questions about bringing back Pinterest and/or Patreon, feel free to list them in the comments below.

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