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Last updated on June 14th, 2022

I announced the news on Twitter yesterday, but now it’s time for a formal blog announcement. As of Sunday, and after seven years as “Anthony’s Notes,” the blog now has a new name: “Diverse Tech Geek!”

While I appreciated the previous name, and had it since the current site started in 2010, I thought it was time for a change. Below are some reasons I’ve switched names.

The blog’s focus

The old name felt like it reflected that of a “slice of life” personal blog. While I did have such a blog back in the 2000s (like everyone else), it’s not really the focus of my current blog. Like everyone else, I now have social media for things like my vacation photos, etc.

Making the blog’s topics more obvious

I wanted to make clearer what the blog’s focus is about, beyond “some guy named Anthony’s blog.” Specifically, the blog’s focus is on media and technology. I also focus on a diverse range of geeky subtopics, as well as diversity issues from a multicultural standpoint. Thus, the name seems to sum up everything.

Available domains

Despite a previous post about such, trying to find or think of an available domain wasn’t easy. The challenges to finding a domain/site name:

  • Not taken by an existing blog/site/social media page or profile.
  • Not too similar to an existing company or site (or trademark).
  • Reasonably short and snappy name (several words long).
  • Not something remotely interpreted as inappropriate.
  • Something more unique than my old blog name.

If wondering, while puns can be amusing, even the ones I could think of were largely taken.

Searching Google helped avoid most of the above pitfalls. Also helping was the site Lean Domain Search, run by Automattic (WordPress’ owners). Lean Domain Search is a domain name generator that offers hundreds of possible names based on what words one enters. The site also lists if a site’s .com domain is available, as well as if its Twitter handle’s available.

Overall, I hope Diverse Tech Geek works out. How do you feel about the new name? Let me know (or have it) in the comments.

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