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Updated on December 10, 2021

Yesterday, I spent the whole of the day at C2E2. While I didn’t do as much (per the shortened trip) as at previous years’ shows, I still had fun.

Observations while there:

  • Spent a lot of time going through back issue bins for cheap paperbacks. As usual, C2E2 seems to disproportionately favor Marvel over DC for available trade paperbacks, but I still found some Silver Age DC books—a collection of Phantom Zone stories and a collection of Bizarro World stories. I also found an inexpensive Spider-Man/Human Torch hardcover book by Dan Slott, and a copy of “Understanding Comics” by Scott McCloud.
  • I didn’t meet or see any big-name celebrities while I was there, but did get to see again Thom Zahler of “Love and Capes” fame, who was friendly as usual (and apparently recognized me from the previous shows, which was nice). I learned the next L&C series will be out later this year (around August), and also bought a pin.
  • This year’s show was moved to roughly the same location as the first year’s show. While still very crowded (attendance seems to have gone up, which is a good thing), it did provide more space than last year’s more cramped spot, plus was closer to other McCormick Place food options (read: McDonald’s, which was also packed).
  • Disliked: listening to a few teenagers there talk about what a “d*****” Superman supposedly is while thumbing through Superman issues. (Yet nobody ever says such about Batman, Wolverine, etc., these days despite their often misanthropic/jerk behavior… but I digress…).
  • Saw plenty of “cosplay,” or people in costumes, as it’s apparently nicknamed. I liked the couple dressed up as Zatara and Zatanna (father-and-daughter magicians in DC Comics; the former first appeared in the same issue Superman debuted in, 1938’s “Action Comics” #1, while the latter often hangs out with the Justice Leaguers). And no, they didn’t say “eseehc” (“cheese” backwards).
  • Only managed to find time to get to one panel, the “Cup o’ Joe” general panel for Marvel. I was a bit disappointed that no questions were being asked about Spider-Man, making me think I should’ve gone to the specific Spidey forum that morning. Especially since that panel had a guy dressed as Spider-Man there on the panel answering questions… what I get for being distracted by cheap back issues, I guess.
  • Not comics related, but I used Megabus to return to Milwaukee. While no Amtrak, it was still a nicer ride than Greyhound.

Overall, I enjoyed the trip to C2E2, though given how much I couldn’t do in just one day, I’m wondering if I should make it two days again if I go next year.

(Updated 10/5/16)

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