AdBlock Plus amps up its “acceptable ads” program

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Popular ad blocker AdBlock Plus announced today they’re now revving up plans to sell what they call “acceptable ads.”

The blocker’s developers state they’re launching their own ad network. The ad service allows websites to substitute AdBlock Plus-approved alternative ads for their own site’s native ads. The substitute ads will supposedly be less intrusive than the default ones. They’ll also display for users of AdBlock Plus via being whitelisted. (An option’s included to turn this feature off.)

Site owners will keep 80% of the substitute ad revenues, with the remainder split between various parties. This includes AdBlock Plus itself, who’ll keeps 6%.

The “acceptable ads” program has been running since 2011. However, this represents a marked amplification of its efforts. AdBlock Plus’ owners state it’s meant to give the option of sites making some money despite the existence of ad blockers.

Not helping ABP is that one of the biggest online ad networks, Google, has said it won’t be participating. I’ll assume that Facebook also won’t be a customer, given the recent back-and-forth between the social network and ABP.

Some users might dislike this altogether, even with the option to turn the whitelisted ads off. For those, I’d suggest uBlock Origin as an alternative ad blocker. It’s what I’ve been using for awhile now, and it works pretty well.

What do you make of all of this? Do you use AdBlock Plus? Let me know in the comments below.

(Updated 9/16/16)

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