Spotify has twice the paying customers of Apple Music


In an update on a post I wrote a few months ago, Spotify’s 30 million paying customers makes it the top streaming music service for paying users. Despite Apple’s best efforts, it’s managed to only accumulate 15 million paying subscribers to date, trailing a distant second. The other services trail some distance behind, as shown in … Read more

The world’s most popular apps I actually use

Social media apps

A study by research firm SensorTower reports that the world’s most popular apps (based on number of downloads) are largely dominated by Facebook. WhatsApp, a messaging app bought a few years ago by Facebook, is the most popular app by far, with 41.2 million global downloads as of May 2016. WhatsApp is followed by Facebook Messenger … Read more

Spotify now has 30 million paying subscribers


As I wrote about recently, Spotify is the most popular streaming service. However, it’s also got the most paying customers (30 million) out of the major music services, and by a hefty margin. This is in spite of Apple heavily advertising its Apple Music service, as well as other major and minor rival services. Tidal, … Read more

Spotify supposedly testing subscription-only tracks


Engadget and the Wall Street Journal report that Spotify’s supposedly testing offering certain tracks only to paying subscribers, and for a limited time. While it’s a reversal of previous Spotify policy, it might have benefits for certain artists who dislike the current Spotify setup of offering everything for both free and paying users, though with … Read more

Spotify world’s top music streaming service, but some artists disagree


An app analytics firm named App Annie reported several days ago that Spotify is now the world’s most popular music streaming service, in terms of active users, revenue, and downloads. However, that’s on a global level. Depending on the individual country or region, a local streaming service might be number one, given how long it’s taken … Read more

Pandora to buy Rdio


Looks like fans of Rdio won’t be pleased by Monday’s news: Pandora plans to buy the streaming music service. Specifically, it seems they’re buying Rdio’s technology and other assets, while Rdio itself files for bankruptcy. TechCrunch has more details. TechCrunch notes that Pandora’s having problems too. Not helping is the rise in popularity of Spotify, Google … Read more

Google revises Google Play Music, now has free streaming tier

Google Play Music

Google today unveiled a revised version of Google Play Music. Besides dropping the awkward “All Access” name (which was about time), Google Play Music now offers users of its free service streaming audio of various “stations,” just like its $10/month service. Unlike paying customers, the streaming service comes with only six song skips per station … Read more