“The Flintstones” to get the big-screen treatment (and *not* by Seth MacFarlane)

The Flintstones car

News came earlier this week that “The Flintstones” will be revived as a (presumably CGI) big-screen animated film. Unlike the earlier proposed “Flintstones” revival that would’ve been spearheaded by Seth MacFarlane of “Family Guy” fame (which fortunately fell through), this film will be co-produced by comedian Will Ferrell. No indication what the film will be … Read more

“Brave,” “Paperman” win the 2013 animation Oscars

MacBook Air on a table

A bit late, but thought I’d note that this year’s Academy Award animation winners are: Animated Feature Film: “Brave” by Pixar. Animated Short Film: “Paperman” by Disney. Looks like I guessed right (as vague as my guesses were), and it’s a sweep for Disney this year. This year also marks a strong showing for women … Read more

Not an April Fools’ joke (unfortunately): Seth MacFarlane to reboot “The Flintstones” for Fox

MacBook Air on a table

What the headline says, folks… Seth MacFarlane of Fox’s non-Simpsons animated sitcom fame (Family Guy, American Dad, etc.) is rebooting the Flintstones; the new show will air on Fox: http://www.deadline.com/2011/05/yabba-dabba-doo-seth-macfarlane-finally-gets-go-ahead-to-reboot-the-flintstones/ My initial reaction to seeing one of my all-time favorite cartoons in the hands of someone behind awful dreck like “Family Guy”: *Ugh.* My somewhat-more-nuanced … Read more