The Hub to become Discovery Family

My Little Pony on The Hub

After four years, the cable TV network The Hub is changing its name to “Discovery Family.” The move comes as Discovery Channel, which until now owned half of The Hub (Hasbro owning the other half) assumes the majority controlling interest in the channel, admist its ratings difficulties (and the departure of The Hub’s president a few … Read more

Anthony’s miscellaneous comics picks for May 2013

Comic book shop display

Wrapping up the comics picks for May is the usual miscellaneous comic companies (plus comic strips). Comic strips Your New Job Title is “Accomplice”: A Dilbert Book, on sale May 21, $13 Comments I know, this month’s entry is a short one… This month sees the first trade paperback for “My Little Pony: Friendship Is … Read more

The number one comic at comic shops in 2012 is… “The Walking Dead”?

Comic book shop display

Comic shop direct distributor Diamond’s released their figures for the top 500 single-issue “floppy” comic sales (and also top 500 trade paperbacks) at direct market venues (read: comic shops). While the crushing dominance of DC and Marvel in this list isn’t surprising (as I noted before, single-issue comics seem to be the only area where … Read more