Audio streaming for first half of 2016 doubles from first half of 2015

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Nielsen has released figures for music sales for the first half of 2016. Along with recent news on Spotify’s growth comes news that audio streaming usage has nearly doubled from the first half of 2015. Music video streaming (presumably mainly YouTube) has also risen, though not by nearly as much. The only physical media sales growth has been in vinyl.

Spotify has twice the paying customers of Apple Music


In an update on a post I wrote a few months ago, Spotify’s 30 million paying customers makes it the top streaming music service for paying users. Despite Apple’s best efforts, it’s managed to only accumulate 15 million paying subscribers to date, trailing a distant second. The other services trail some distance behind, as shown in … Read more

Radio still dominates in cars?

Transistor radio

Despite the dominance of streaming audio and digital music everywhere else (ignoring the improbable resurgence of vinyl), there’s supposedly one place where old-fashioned AM/FM radio still dominates, and that’s in cars. A survey of drivers by Edison Research states that 84% of drivers use the radio at least part of the time. Surprisingly, CD players are … Read more

Digital music outsells physical formats worldwide

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Last month, it was reported that streaming music has finally become the dominant form of paid music in the United States. The rest of the world isn’t lax on moving away from physical media, either. The IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, the RIAA”s international cousin) reports that digital music sales are now at 45% of music … Read more