Top 10 2010s TV cartoon theme songs

Steven Universe cast

Rounding out my decade-by-decade top TV cartoon theme songs lists, here’s my choices of the top ten theme songs for the 2010s so far. Since as of this writing, six years (or six-tenths/60%) of the 2010s have passed, I’ll come back and update this post in the future. TV animation greatly rebounded from the low point it’d hit … Read more

Boom! Studios gets a “first look” deal with Cartoon Network

Comic book shop display

Yesterday, it was announced that Boom! Studios, publishers of various all-ages comics (including “Regular Show,” “Adventure Time,” and “Garfield”), will gain “first look” rights for any current/new Cartoon Network properties. More details are available in this Comics Alliance article, but it basically means Boom! will get the first shot at publishing comics based on any … Read more