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Updated on June 14, 2022

Happy 2013, all.

Here’s a list of the top 10 most-visited posts on the blog in 2012… or rather, starting with March, the earliest I have statistics available. March is when I moved from Piwik to Google Analytics, with the discovery that Piwik can’t export its own data. (Shades of the GnuCash incident…) Still, here’s the top posts for 2012:

  1. Anthony’s Xubuntu 12.04 post-installation guide: By far the most popular post on the blog, it’s usually the most visited post each day, barring a few random spikes.
  2. Tech thoughts: Xubuntu 11.10 post-installation guide: Less popular once 12.04 came out, but still gets some traffic (people with older installs?).
  3. The main blog/site URL.
  4. Linux Mint XFCE (201104) vs. Xubuntu 10.10: Battle of the XFCE-using distros: Despite this post being long outdated (written back in April 2011), and that there’s likely more thorough/updated comparisons between the two elsewhere online, there’s still a steady stream of traffic for this post. (These days, I’d probably suggest going with Mint Xfce over Xubuntu…)
  5. Catwoman, Starfire, and the DCNU reboot: Much of the traffic dropped once I resized the included graphic to a less gargantuan size, but it still draws some traffic. Of course it doesn’t help that DC’s issues with sexism still persist in the “New 52.”
  6. “Comixology” tag: I’ve devoted plenty of virtual ink to writing about Comixology.
  7. Nook Color and Nook Tablet now have CBZ file support: What the title says. I also still get a few hits on an older how-to-root-the-Nook post. These days, the Nook’s been given to my niece, as I’ve replaced it with the much more versatile and nicer Nexus 7.
  8. Anthony’s Linux Mint 13 Xfce post-installation guide: In late summer, I moved to Linux Mint from Xubuntu, and with it, wrote a post-installation guide to accompany the move. Not as popular as the Xubuntu guide, but given I just moved to Mint 14, I might consider updating this guide at some point.
  9. Anthony gets a new HP laptop and moves to Linux Mint: What the title says. I bought a newer HP laptop this summer, and installed Mint 14 on it. While I’ve moved to a Mac Mini for home computing, I still use the laptop on trips out of town, plus for a few things I don’t have on the Mini (a Usenet newsgroup reader that doesn’t cost $30 and a CD/DVD burner, particularly).
  10. More 2012 Olympics tech issues: NBC Olympics website streaming on Linux: My now-obsolete guide to getting NBC’s Olympics streaming coverage to work on Linux computers saw a big spike in site traffic when it was linked to on a Linux-related Reddit subreddit.

While a few of the above were in more than one category, the breakdown seems to be:

  • 64% Technology
  • 27% Comics
  • 9% Other (visits to the site’s main URL)

By far, technology’s the most popular category, with much of it related to the Linux-related posts above. Coming in second would be comics, followed by hits to the main site URL itself.

Thanks again, everyone, for reading my blog!

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