Basic tips on making a WordPress site mobile-friendly

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Having a mobile-friendly website is now more important than ever with the dominance of smartphones. While Google’s algorithms for ranking websites changes often, what’s permanent is that website mobile support is taken into account. Mobile-friendly sites not only make usability on mobile devices easier, but it’s also a courteous gesture to your visitors. Unfortunately, there’s still too … Read more

Anthony’s Notes has moved (to a new web host)

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As you’ve noticed, the blog’s been a bit rough looking (or not even up) over the past day or so. That’s because (my web hosting skills aside), I’ve just finished moving the blog to its new home, A Small Orange. So far, things look like they’re running smoothly enough… and the extra bandwidth/account space should … Read more

Anthony’s Notes may be moving…

MacBook Air on a table

After one and a half years of existence, I’m pleased with the progress of Anthony’s Notes so far. Between my portfolio page and the posts on the site so far (including incorporating my former Blogger/ “Anthony’s Annotations” blog), I’m glad to have my own spot on the web (and all of you reading the blog!). … Read more