10 apocalypse references in cartoons

Kamandi #1

2012 saw much hype over (bogus, of course) ancient Mayan predictions of the apocalypse hitting on December 21. Of course, that came and went without incident. But here’s a list of 10 cartoon references to the end of the world. Apokolips DC Comics has since the 70s featured the world called “Apokolips,” a planet in … Read more10 apocalypse references in cartoons

Minorities in comics and animation: “The Emperor’s New Groove”

Emperor's New Groove

This week’s entry, and the first one to feature indigenous peoples, is the 2000 Disney movie “The Emperor’s New Groove.” Background The film focuses on a selfish young emperor (Kuzco, voiced by David Spade) of an Incan Empire-like kingdom. Kuzco’s turned into a llama by his not-so-loyal advisor, Yzma (voiced by Eartha Kitt, in one … Read moreMinorities in comics and animation: “The Emperor’s New Groove”