“Post-Crisis Archie?”: Archie’s getting a reboot in 2015

Archie #1

After nearly 75 years, Archie’s announced something surprising for its core “Archie” monthly comic: a reboot. News came earlier today that in 2015, Archie will renumber its core monthly title with an all-new #1. Accompanying this is a new creative team, writer Mark Waid (of “Flash” fame) and artist Fiona Staples, who’ll be retooling the … Read more

Minorities in cartoons: Thunder and Lightning

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This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is a double one this week: Thunder and Lightning, a pair of superheroine sisters who’re the daughters of superhero Black Lightning. Thunder Thunder (real name: Anissa Pierce) is the older of the Pierce siblings. She possesses the ability of increasing her body’s mass while keeping her size the same, … Read more

Thrillbent now offering DRM-free digital comics for sale

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Mark Waid’s digital comics website Thrillbent is now offering DRM-free PDFs of digital comics for sale. While the site’s always had DRM-free CBZs available (and that’ll continue), the site will now offer versions of its comics for sale. The comics for sale will offer “exclusive bonus content,” including clickable URLs, extra artwork, and so forth. … Read more

Anthony’s Archie Comics picks for October 2013

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Here’s what’s of interest from Archie Comics for October 2013. Full solicitations are available here. Comics The Fox #1, on sale Oct. 30, $3 Archie #649, on sale Oct. 30, $3 Betty and Veronica Double Digest #217, on sale Oct. 23, $4 Jughead Double Digest #197, on sale Nov. 6, $4 Trade paperbacks None. Comments … Read more

New Red Circle series “The Fox” to be written by Mark Waid; “New Crusaders” on hold until 2014

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This week, Archie’s announced that a revival of their classic Red Circle superhero series “The Fox” is coming this fall, with Mark Waid (of 90s “Flash” comics fame) as the series’ writer. Meanwhile, the “New Crusaders” followup series “Dark Tomorrow” will be pushed back until early 2014, for unspecified reasons. I’m sorry to see the … Read more