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Blog revision updates (August 2016)

If you’ve been visiting the site at all lately, you’ll notice I’ve revised Anthony’s Notes yet again. I’ve changed the site’s theme to a new one (Beetle), then used a child theme and a plugin to change some of the color and layout elements.

WordPress blogger

I’ve set up curated tech and media resources pages

For those interested in the latest things I’m technologically doing with the blog, you’ll be pleased to hear I’ve set up a pair of resource pages, which’re now live. Both pages are a curated set of my favorite, most popular, or most useful blog posts. One page focuses on technology, the other on comics, animation, and other media.

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Reorganizing the blog’s categories (again)

A year ago, I gave the blog’s categories its first major reorganization since I started up the self-hosted version of the blog in 2010.

Since then, however, a few more things have changed, and I thought it was time to organize the categories further. You’ll see I reduced the number of categories back to (basically) what they were before. I didn’t really have enough posts in the “TV,” “Other Media,” and “Movies” categories to justify their existence, so they’ve been re-merged back into one “Media” category, with the TV/movie categories turned into tags.


I’ve set up a Patreon page

As of earlier tonight, I now have a Patreon page set up for the blog.

In the past, I’ve tried PayPal donation buttons, plus the current use of Google AdSense ads. However, neither has ever worked well. Thus, I thought I’d try the “crowdfunding” method that’s currently in vogue.