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This is a portfolio listing my various writing projects.

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Linux Journal magazine

Full Speed Ahead With Handbrake” (May 2010 issue). An article about Handbrake, a multi-platform program for converting DVD video (and other video formats) to digital video files.

KeePassX: Keeping Your Passwords Safe” (January 2012 issue). An article about KeePassX, a multi-platform password management program.

Ubuntu User magazine

“GCstar” (issue #5, Summer 2010). An article about GCstar, a Linux program used for hobbyists to keep track of various types of collections (comic books, stamps, coins, etc.).

“Back In Time” (issue #6, Fall 2010). An article about Back In Time, a program for automated incremental hard drive backups; it’s similar to MacOS’ Time Machine.

“Liferea” (issue #8, Spring 2011). An article about Liferea, an RSS newsfeed reader.

Full Circle magazine

Browser Blogging” (issue #38, May 2010). An article about ScribeFire, a Firefox extension that allows one to write to a blog from within Firefox. Article distributed under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 3.0).

Laptop Mag

How to Turn Off Your Webcam” (July 2015). An article on turning off a Windows computer’s webcam.


WordPress Documentation

I’ve edited the following WordPress documentation wiki pages:

Ubuntu Community Documentation wiki

I’ve contributed to and edited the Rhythmbox documentation page (August 2010).

User guides

Xubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS post-installation guide

A guide on software to install and other tips after installing Xubuntu Linux 16.04. (November 2016)

Recommended free software

A guide on recommended free and open source software alternatives to commercial software. (August 2015)

Chromebook setup guide

A guide on setting up a Chromebook, as well as web-based alternatives to conventional desktop software. (July 2015)