Reorganizing the blog’s categories (again)

Fremont bridge, Seattle

A year ago, I gave the blog’s categories its first major reorganization since I started up the self-hosted version of the blog in 2010.

Since then, however, a few more things have changed, and I thought it was time to organize the categories further. You’ll see I reduced the number of categories back to (basically) what they were before. I didn’t really have enough posts in the “TV,” “Other Media,” and “Movies” categories to justify their existence, so they’ve been re-merged back into one “Media” category, with the TV/movie categories turned into tags.

Why I’m dropping the blog’s Creative Commons license

MacBook Air on a table

For the two people who pay attention to my blog’s footer or other details, I’ve decided to drop the blog’s Creative Commons license and revert back to a typical copyright notice. While technically Creative Commons licenses are irrevocable, and thus any material someone’s used before this point will stay honored under such a license, I’ll … Read more