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Minorities in cartoons: Raj Patel

Updated on June 14, 2022

World of Archie Double Digest #9
“World of Archie Double Digest” #9 (September 2011). Art by Bill Galvan.

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Raj Patel, a recently created character in Archie Comics. Raj first appeared in “Tales From Riverdale Digest” #21 (August 2007). Writer and artist Fernando Ruiz created Raj.


Like most Archie characters, Raj has his own particular shtick. Raj wants to become a film maker someday, and is obsessed with film making. To that end, Raj is perpetually seen carrying a video camera. Most of his stories involve Raj making his own films or filming his friends’ antics.

A 2011 storyline in the “World of Archie” digest features Raj and the gang going to India. A Bollywood producer took interest in Raj’s film making skills, resulting in the gang visiting India.

Archie in recent years has put some effort into diversifying its characters—thus the introduction of Raj, Kevin Keller, and some other minor characters.

Another incentive for Raj’s creation is that Archie comics are somewhat popular in India. A brief Google search suggests Raj’s introduction received some attention by India news sites.

(Updated 11/18/16)

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