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Updated on December 10, 2021

This week’s entry is Lucius Fox. A supporting character of Bruce Wayne in the “Batman” comics, Fox first appeared in “Batman” #307 (January 1979). Lucius was created by Len Wein and John Calnan.


Lucius usually serves as the chief operating officer (COO) of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne’s company. He’s tasked with maintaining the day-to-day business dealings of the company. That’s especially with its CEO, Bruce Wayne, sometimes engaged in his “millionaire playboy” activities (read: being Batman). Lucius, of course, is quite excellent at his job, with Bruce considering him a close friend and ally.

Lucius has played a role in various storylines within the Batman comics, including the mid-80s series “Batman and the Outsiders.” Batman created the Outsiders team (and quit the Justice League of America) after the JLA refused to intervene in rescuing a kidnapped Lucius from a foreign country.

Other media

In other media, Lucius Fox has made various appearances in Batman-related productions. “Batman: The Animated Series” featured Lucius in some episodes, where he was voiced by Brock Peters (Sisko’s father on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”).

Lucius also appeared in “The Batman” in the 2000s, voiced by Lou Gossett, Jr.

Of course, Lucius’ most high-profile appearances have been in the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, where he’s played by Morgan Freeman. One big change in the movies is Lucius Fox being quite aware of Bruce Wayne’s secret identity, unlike his comics counterpart (though some comics have wavered on this point).

Since the movies’ success, some elements have been imported into comic and animated media versions of Lucius Fox, particularly his adeptness for technology and (in a few versions) knowing Bruce Wayne’s secret identity. “The Batman” version of Lucius particularly reflects this cinematic influence.

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