Minorities in cartoons: “Kyle’s Bed & Breakfast”

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Updated on December 10, 2021

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This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is “Kyle’s Bed & Breakfast,” a comic strip written and drawn by Greg Fox.


The strip focuses on the goings-on at a gay-oriented bed and breakfast located on Long Island, run by the aforementioned Kyle. However, akin to the boarding house in “Bloom County,” most of the occupants seem to be permanent residents.

“Kyle’s Bed & Breakfast” features a variety of storylines. Many deal with aspects of gay culture, while others focus on the characters’ relationships.

Most of the strip’s cast is male. Befitting its soap opera nature, much of the cast is drawn to look physically muscular or “beefy.” The artwork also reminds one of dramatic newspaper comic strips or older comic books.

Besides Kyle, some of the other characters in the strip include:

  • Price, an egoistical, often self-centered yuppie who hails from Kentucky. He pretty much resembles a gay adult version of Archie’s Reggie Mantle.
  • Lance, a businessman and the strip’s main African-American character.
  • Delia, a friend of Kyle’s who lives in an apartment building near the bed and breakfast.
  • Drew, a bearded man from Alabama.
  • Frosty, a Siberian Husky that’s Kyle’s pet dog.
  • Jake, a middle-aged, heavy-set man from Indiana. A discriminatory pizza place in Indiana got referenced in one strip—Jake notes to the east coasters not all of Indiana’s like that.

Similar to “A Couple of Guys,” the characters are quite open about sex/sexuality. However, being in the closet is an issue also dealt with by some characters. One such character is Brad, a baseball player for a minor league baseball team.

“Kyle’s Bed & Breakfast” debuted in 1998, with its first book compilation published in 2004. New strips appear weekly on the cartoonist’s website.

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