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1960s era TV set

Updated on December 10, 2021

Google "I Love Lucy" logoToday marks Lucille Ball‘s 100th birthday. In honor of Ball today, Google’s made its Google Logo a functioning 50s-era TV displaying clips from “I Love Lucy,” probably (by my count) the US’ most successful TV show ever (still airing multiple times a day in reruns 50 years after leaving the air…).

Thought I’d post a few items related to animation and comics for Ms. Ball…

While it doesn’t seem to be on YouTube, the original “I Love Lucy” opening titles were two animated stick-figures of Lucy and Desi running around, with the sponsor’s logo (a cigarette company) inserted in the middle. For syndication, the now-famous “heart” opening was created, and has stuck ever since. However, TV Land had the original restored (with TV Land’s logo over the cigarette ads) in its airings. I understand the DVD sets have the original cigarette ones…

“The Lucy Show,” Ball’s next show after “I Love Lucy”/”The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour” ended, featured this animated opening for its first season (before switching to its more familiar color live-action opening):

“Here’s Lucy,” Ball’s late 60s effort (co-starring her children) also had an animated opening:

And finally, there’s the famous “Desilu” logo, as seen in the closing credits of various programs produced by Ball’s production company (including “Star Trek”). It’s usually (as seen here) followed by whatever the current Paramount television logo of the era is (the one here should be the current version, “CBS Paramount Television”):

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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