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Happy 10th anniversary of blogging

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Updated on June 14, 2022

Screenshot of the blog from 2004
My blog as it looked back in 2002.

Today marks a special milestone: my 10th year of blogging!

Back in 2002, blogging was heavily promoted as the “latest thing” by online and offline media, and I thought it’d be worth starting up a blog for myself. Over time, other online trends have developed (social media in particular), but blogging’s still a mainstay of the online world.

On a personal level, 10 years ago I was living in Indianapolis, owning an aged Power Mac 7500 running Mac OS 9, as well as other tech I’ve long since disposed of (a 13″ CRT TV set; a cassette Walkman I mainly used for the radio; a corded landline telephone; and the clock radio I had since high school). A decade, a move (with a few stops in between) to Milwaukee, advances in technology, and a newer (and better paying) job later, I’m now the owner of a flat-screen LCD TV, a smartphone, a modern laptop running Linux Mint 13 Xfce, and… a newer clock radio, the old one finally disposed of only recently. I also now have broadband (albeit anemic broadband). I’ve also increased my frequency of freelance writing (moreso in the 2010s), and gotten to travel a lot more, at least around North America.

Of course, my online presence has changed during this time too. In 2002, my blog was my one real outpost online, hosted on Blogspot (now owned by Google). I did frequent a few online forums, of course; one I still use frequently, another I almost never check in on anymore. Since 2002, I’ve moved the blog from Blogspot to a self-hosted WordPress installation with its own .com domain name (including briefly having two blogs, the second hosted on WordPress.com before I merged both), expanded it to include a website for my portfolio, and changed the name from the alliterative “Anthony’s Annotations” to today’s “Anthony’s Notes.” (Thanks to Heather Clitheroe for suggesting the current name, and Rik Ward, Heather (again), and others for their advice while setting up the current site.) I also may now be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. The last one’s thanks to the rise of digital photography over the past decade, which represents yet another big change—in 2002, I was still using film cameras!

One high point for the blog was my being cited in an edition of the “Columbia Journalism Review” (for a post about changes to ABC’s “Nightline”). While I don’t blog as much about politics or my daily life minutiae as I once did (Twitter and Facebook have filled those roles for the most part), I still blog about cartoons, technology, and (when it happens) my latest freelance writing efforts.

Finally, I appreciate all the comments all of you have left here over the years; thanks for actually taking time to read my blog!


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