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Updated on December 10, 2021

Between graphic novels, webcomics, and traditional single-issue comics, there’s a sizable number of transgender characters in comics. Below, I take a look at a few of my favorite ones.

Jo (“Lumberjanes”)

Jo is the scientifically minded member of the main group of campers. As such, her skills come in useful, even in spite of the supernaturally-driven nature of the camp (and its surrounding forest).

Jo’s also got two fathers, who’re an interracial couple.

Beckett (“The Backstagers”)

The Backstagers and the Ghost Light
“The Backstagers and the Ghost Light.” Art by Rian Sygh.

Beckett’s the lights technician for the school theater, and tends to be extremely proud (and protective) of the complicated lights setup he’s created.

Another trait is Beckett tends to be somewhat more cynical than the others. This extends to his views on Valentine’s Day. Beckett once turned the crew’s backstage hangout into a “no Valentine’s Day zone,” with a ton of banners/signs everywhere warning the others (particularly fellow stagehands/lovebirds Jory and Hunter) about such. (The “absolutely no canoodle’n” one was hilarious.) Instead, Beckett spends the day watching ludicrously-titled gory horror films. He’s also put up a few similar strongly worded “do not touch” signs on his lights equipment (mostly aimed at Sasha, the least mature member of the backstage crew).

Despite the above, Beckett also has a poorly concealed crush on Bailey, a girl who goes to an all-girls’ school across town.

Beckett also loves drinking Diet Coke… or its generic in-universe equivalent in the comics. (However, the prose young adult novels call it by its brand name.)

Koi Boi (“Squirrel Girl”)

Koi Boi (real name: Ken Shiga) is not only a superhero, but also a computer science student and classmate of Doreen “Squirrel Girl” Green. Both students attend the fictional Empire State University in New York.

Ken’s powers are basically those of Aquaman’s: the ability to swim fast, breathe underwater, and communicate with sea creatures. Ken treats his superheroics seriously (though he’s also fond of making fish related puns).

Clarice (“Questionable Content”)

Clarice is a library sciences grad student, and the sister of Clinton. She’s currently dating Marten, one of the strip‘s main characters.

Clarice also likes puns, despite few other characters in the strip enjoying them. (One big exception’s Brun, a bartender.)

Aunt Roz (“AJ & Magnus”)

While not related, Roz is a close friend of Dad and Pop, and AJ’s honorary aunt. Like the others, Roz also enjoys cosplay; she dressed up as Captain Marvel when taking AJ to the movies. Roz also has a sarcastic and blunt personality, which we saw when dealing with the cause of Pop’s job discrimination.

Recently, Roz moved in with Pop’s sister, Rochelle, with the two getting along pretty well.

“Rainbow Flag” by nathanmac87 is licensed under CC BY 2.0 (Flickr / cropped from original)

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