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Updated on June 14, 2022

AquamanThis week’s “favorite blogs and websites” entry is The Aquaman Shrine.

As the title says, it’s a blog dedicated to covering, celebrating, and promoting all things related to the Sea King himself. A wide range of topics are covered, including Aquaman’s appearances on television, various artists and writers that’ve worked on Aquaman over the years, pop culture references to Aquaman, and so forth. This stretches beyond just listing references, as the Sea King’s various artists, writers, voice actors, etc., have been interviewed by the blog’s owner. They’ve even interviewed the staff of Craig Ferguson’s late night show (as Aquaman appears as a recurring character).

My favorite recurring feature of the blog is “Adventure Sunday,” a weekly reposting of Golden Age Aquaman stories from the Sea Monarch’s lengthy run in “Adventure Comics.”

As the Aquaman Shrine’s owner also owns a Justice League of America-related blog, the occasional material involving Aquaman in the JLA or Super Friends also gets discussed, such as a recent discussion of the classic early JLA story “The Slave-Ship of Space.”

Of course, the current “New 52” reboot version of Aquaman is also discussed. While I’m definitely not a fan of this version of Aquaman (or of the rest of the New 52), it’s nice to see them excited about the newest Aquaman book.

As a Superman fan, I also like the Shrine’s occasional nod to Aquaman’s appearances in Superman stories. Given Atlantis played a recurring role in Silver Age Superman books, it’s not surprising he’d occasionally turn up there.

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