Cartoons at the box office: Up and at ’em, it’s Ant-Man at #1

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Updated on December 10, 2021

While it’s not an Atom Ant movie, Marvel’s ant-sized superhero has taken #1 at the box office this weekend. “Ant-Man” opened with $58 million; so far, it’s earned $114.4 million worldwide. While it’s excellent, of course, it’s also on the low end for a Marvel movie, perhaps reflecting its hero’s real-life small stature. However, since it only cost $130 million to produce, it’ll still easily be profitable.

In second place is last week’s champ, “Minions,” which earned $50.2 million (-56.6% from last weekend). So far, it’s earned $216.7 million domestic and a non-minion-sized $625.8 million worldwide.

In fourth place, behind third-place R-rated comedy “Trainwreck” (which didn’t live up to its name), is “Inside Out.” The Pixar movie earned $11.7 million (-34%), bringing its totals to $306.3 million domestic and $490.1 million worldwide.

In fifth place is “Jurassic World,” which made another $11.4 million (-37.2%). Its totals stand at $611.2 million domestic and $1.513 billion worldwide. “Jurassic World” has surpassed “Furious 7” to become the fourth highest-earning film of all time, with third-place spot “The Avengers” likely to be eclipsed by this time next weekend. Again, people really like dinosaurs…

In sixth place is “Terminator: Genisys,” which made another $5.4 million (-61%). So far, it’s earned $80.6 million domestic (and slim chance of hitting $100 million) and $277.4 million worldwide. I gather overseas audiences are more excited about this film than North American filmgoers.

In ninth place is “Ted 2,” which despite other competitive viewing options still lingers in the top 10. Seth MacFarlane’s film earned $2.7 million (-52.3%), bringing its totals to $77.5 million domestic and $143.5 million worldwide.

Opening next weekend are drama “Paper Towns,” boxing film “Southpaw,” and the biggest newcomer, the Adam Sandler video game-themed comedy “Pixels.” Despite Sandler’s recent Netflix hijinks and mediocre box office, the prospect of a movie-length version of a similar sounding “Futurama” episode might still be a draw.

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