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Cartoon collectibles: NBC peacock toy

Updated on June 14, 2022

This week’s cartoon collectible is this stuffed NBC peacock toy:

NBC peacock toy (front view #2)

I bought this multicolored guy at the NBC Store while visiting Rockefeller Center/NBC’s studios during my vacation to New York City in 2006. The NBC store had plenty of souvenirs centered around the network (and Rockefeller Center), including some cups (which I still use), pens (which went dry a long time ago), and this stuffed toy.

The colored feathers, of course, represent the NBC logo, a peacock. NBC went with a peacock for its logo starting in the late 1950s to promote its color programming (as the “living color network,” immortalized in this bumper that ran before all its color programming in the 1960s). RCA, of course, owned NBC, so they wanted to promote their color television sets (and NTSC color television standard, which the FCC approved for American color broadcasting in the mid-1950s) as much as possible. The original NBC logo had more feathers, but switched to the present-day six-feather logo starting in 1986.

Here’s some other photos of the peacock:

NBC peacock toy (side view) NBC peacock toy (back) NBC peacock toy (side view #2) NBC peacock toy (front view #1)


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