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Cartoon collectibles: Greedo bobblehead (“Star Wars”)

Updated on December 10, 2021

While not quite a “cartoon” collectible, there *have* been several “Star Wars” TV cartoons over the years, so here goes this one: a Greedo bobblehead:

Greedo bobblehead toy (front)

I bought this one when I was in Seattle, at the Star Wars science exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. The Star Wars exhibit was a special display of props from the movies, mixed with a few displays explaining basic science principals (magnetism, etc.). They charged an extra fee on top of the CityPass booklet’s admission just to see it, but I suppose it was worth it to be photographed next to Darth Vader’s costume. And no, I don’t have a Han Solo bobblehead (the better to re-enact who shot who first…).

Other photos of Greedo:

Greedo bobblehead toy (right view) Greedo bobblehead toy (rear) Greedo bobblehead toy (left view)


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