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Cartoon collectibles: Elmer Fudd bobblehead

This week’s collectible is popular Looney Tunes character and “wabbit hunter” Elmer Fudd, complete with his hunting clothes and rifle:

Elmer Fudd bobblehead (front view #1)

This bobblehead was made by the same company, Funko, as last week’s Boris and Natasha bobbleheads. I know they’ve produced other Looney Tunes bobbleheads, but I didn’t see any of the others on sale at the store I bought the Elmer bobblehead, a collectibles/comic shop at Seattle’s Pike Place Market.

Here’s some other shots of Elmer:

Elmer Fudd bobblehead (back view) Elmer Fudd bobblehead (front view #2) Elmer Fudd bobblehead (side view)


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