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Cartoon collectibles: Bullwinkle (CVS toy)

Updated on December 10, 2021

This week’s cartoon collectible is another one of Jay Ward’s characters. In this case, it’s Bullwinkle, waving the banner of his alma mater, “Wossamotta U.”

Bullwinkle CVS toy

I bought this toy back in 2000 at CVS (a major US drugstore chain). This was around the time the ill-fated “Rocky and Bullwinkle” movie was at theaters, so apparently this toy was one of the film’s tie-ins. Others in the line included Boris, Natasha, Rocky, and the fairy godmother (from the “Fractured Fairy Tales” segments’ opening). Unfortunately, I only had enough money at the time to buy a few. Also, time (and several moves) hasn’t been too kind to this toy—Bullwinkle’s banner stick has since come unfrayed (not seen in the photos, but it’s there).

More photos of Mr. Moose are below!

Bullwinkle CVS toy (close-up) Bullwinkle CVS toy (back) Bullwinkle CVS toy (side view) Bullwinkle CVS toy (being held)


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