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Cartoon collectibles: Boris and Natasha bobbleheads

Updated on December 10, 2021

Starting today, I thought I’d try adding a few recurring weekly features (or as close to weekly as possible) to the blog, beginning with this one: a weekly series showcasing some of the cartoon related collectibles I own. Let’s start off with this one, my set of Boris and Natasha bobblehead dolls, as shown below.

Boris and Natasha bobbleheads
Boris and Natasha bobbleheads. (Photo by Anthony Dean)

I bought this bobblehead set of Rocky and Bullwinkle’s villains at this year’s C2E2 comic show. The bobbleheads are made by Funko, a company specializing in producing such figures of popular entertainment icons. As you can see, the bobbleheads are quite well-done, with even the lettering on the bases matching the style of lettering seen on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show. Natasha’s shown sitting on a box of TNT, while Boris holds a pair of binoculars. shows there’s also a set of Rocky and Bullwinkle bobbleheads akin to the Boris and Natasha ones, but they seem to be hard to find. Maybe I’ll find the “moose and squirrel” ones someday!

Here’s some other photos (via my Flickr account) of the two Pottsylvanian spies:

Photo by Alejandro Pinto (Flickr / CC BY)

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